The jig conveyor system is designed and constructed and assembled by Anttek Vietnam

Our jig conveyor system is custom-designed to meet customer requirements and includes two main types: an 850mm JIG supply conveyor and a 2170mm inclined JIG return conveyor. All are designed and assembled to the highest standards, ensuring efficiency and durability. 

JIG Supply Conveyor (850 mm) 

  • Frame: Made from aluminum profiles, ensuring durability and lightweight. 
  • Belt Surface: Uses high-quality PVC material, offering good durability and wear resistance. 
  • Sensor: Equipped with a sensor to detect products at the end of the conveyor, ensuring precise and efficient operation. 
  • Cylinder Mechanism: Integrates a mechanism to push products from the conveyor into the UV machine, ensuring continuous and uninterrupted transport. 

Inclined JIG Return Conveyor (2170 mm) 

  • Frame: Made from aluminum profiles, with a robust and aesthetic structure. 
  • Belt Surface: Uses durable PVC material, resistant to wear and capable of withstanding heavy loads. 
  • Sensor: Equipped with a sensor to detect products at the end of the conveyor, helping control the transport process accurately. 
  • JIG Divider Mechanism: Helps divide JIGs before pushing them onto the conveyor, optimizing the transport process. 
  • Cylinder Mechanism: Pushes products from the UV machine onto the conveyor, ensuring continuity and efficiency. 
  • Safety Features: Includes an emergency stop button, ensuring user safety. 
  • Control: Includes a control cabinet with conveyor speed adjustment capability, allowing for flexible and efficient system operation. 
  • Material: Guiding mechanisms and sensors are made from stainless steel, preventing rust and ensuring durability. 
  • Protection: Has a mica cover above the conveyor, protecting products and increasing system durability. 

For detailed design and operation methods of the JIG conveyor system successfully installed and operated by Anttek at the customer’s factory,

You can watch the video on Anttek’s YouTube channel here:

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