Applications of aluminum profiles

What are the applications of aluminum profile frames is a question that many customers are interested in and find out. Aluminum profiles are increasingly used in industries as well as construction industries. With the advantages of high strength, light weight, high resistance to oxidation and rust, aluminum profiles have always won the trust of many engineers and designers. So what is the application of aluminum profiles?

Ứng dụng của nhôm định hình

Previously, for basic aluminum profiles such as round or square frames, the known application of aluminum profiles was not very wide. However, when knowing the advantages of physical properties as well as chemical properties and superior features of the raw materials, aluminum profiles have more and more practical and popular applications.

It is not too difficult to find products that are applied from aluminum profiles in today’s life, from houses, typical architectural works but also many other products made from this material.

Applications of aluminum profiles in industry

The mechanical engineering industry is where the most product applications are found, aluminum is used to make conveyor belts, conveyor belts, racks, CNC machine frames….

In addition, you can also see aluminum profiles used to make solar panels….Also you can also see aluminum used as truck frames, traffic light poles, lights….

Ứng dụng của nhôm định hình

Applications of Aluminum profiles in the construction industry

Aluminum profiles used in the construction industry are very common, you can see the window frames, the main door frames are made up of Aluminum bars. In addition, Aluminium also creates works of art on display, creating works with high aesthetic characteristics….

With a variety of models on the market, aluminum profiles are increasingly popular and have particularly wide and useful applications for industries and users.

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