Flowrack shelf with industrial aluminum frame

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Aluminum Profile Flowrack Racking System (Flow Rack) is a widely used product whether commercial or industrial, Flowrack shelves are used as a convenient flow system to help reduce labor costs. and difficulties in the working process and reduce labor time for enterprises.Giá kệ flowwrack khung nhôm định hình


Solid, solid, high-strength aluminum profile frame

Equipped with extra wheels, flexible movement.

Make the most of your workspace

Types of materials for making Flowrack shelves (Flow racks)

Square aluminum bar: This type of aluminum is used for square and sturdy frames

Giá kệ flowwrack nhôm định hình vuông

Round aluminum profiles: Used when a lot of diagonal and complicated assemblies are not required.Giá kệ flowwrack nhôm định hình tròn

Profiled aluminum accessories: Accessories used in assembling aluminum bars, aluminum pipes such as right angle ke, sink keg, bolts, pipe joints…

In addition, there are aluminum wheels and end caps of all kinds…


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