Application of aluminum heat sink

The application of aluminum heat sink is more and more widespread, diverse, with constant creativity. Customizable shapes, sizes, and colors to suit different technical requirements. 1.Application of aluminum heat sink in computer manufacturing Aluminum heatsink is usually attached to the CPU, which has a cooling effect for this central processor to maintain stable operation. Aluminum […]

What is aluminum casting? all about aluminum casting

Đúc khuôn nhôm

There are many different methods for forming aluminum, and aluminum casting is one of the most popular options that manufacturers consider. Aluminum die casting is the method of choice and application for many automotive, industrial and telecommunications products. Read this article to know more about aluminum die casting process What is aluminum casting? Aluminum casting […]

Aluminum 6063: Learn the properties and uses

nhôm 6063 anttek

Aluminum 6063 is the most common alloy of  aluminum profiles. This alloy is widely used in industrial applications Because of this, it is often referred to as industrial aluminum General characteristics of 6063 . aluminum This alloy is of medium strength, with good corrosion resistance, weldability and workability. It is also quite easy to work […]

Structure of industrial working table

bàn thao tác khoa học

Industrial workbench is a product designed for workers assembling and testing products, serving the majority of companies assembling electronics, assembling components and product details. There are many different designs and materials, from simple to complex, to meet different production and processing departments of the factory. Materials for the production of working tables Stainless steel: use stainless […]

Anttek . aluminum profile production process

Customers already know a lot about the advantages and popular applications of Aluminium Profiles  in life as well as in many different industries. However, not everyone knows how to create aluminum profiles. To better understand the process of creating aluminum profiles with many different forms, please follow the information that our Anttek company shares below. […]

What is HJ coupling used for? Uses of HJ . connecting pipes

Ống nối HJ dùng để là gì? Công dụng ống nối

Hose coupling HJ is a material that is increasingly strongly applied and favored because of its flexibility in assembly, the extremely solid attachment of the product to help peace of mind during product use. More and more widely used in the electronics industry, in clean rooms because of its superiority, can be used as operating tables, plastic […]

Note when choosing to buy aluminum profiles

Thanh nhôm định hình

What is aluminum profile? Aluminum is a silver moon metal, light weight, high conductivity and heat resistance, good wear resistance, especially non-toxic. Aluminum is the metal that makes up the most composition, 1/12 of the earth’s crust. Therefore, aluminum achieves good mechanical and aesthetic quality, so products from aluminum and above are very popular. Profiled […]

Flowrack shelf with industrial aluminum frame

Giá kệ

Aluminum Profile Flowrack Racking System (Flow Rack) is a widely used product whether commercial or industrial, Flowrack shelves are used as a convenient flow system to help reduce labor costs. and difficulties in the working process and reduce labor time for enterprises. Features Solid, solid, high-strength aluminum profile frame Equipped with extra wheels, flexible movement. […]

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