Note when choosing to buy aluminum profiles

Thanh nhôm định hình

What is aluminum profile?

Aluminum is a silver moon metal, light weight, high conductivity and heat resistance, good wear resistance, especially non-toxic. Aluminum is the metal that makes up the most composition, 1/12 of the earth’s crust. Therefore, aluminum achieves good mechanical and aesthetic quality, so products from aluminum and above are very popular. Profiled aluminum is aluminum that has been subjected to the process, extrusion, and surface treatment to best promote the preeminent properties of aluminum. Today’s attention when choosing to buy aluminum profiles is interested because this type of aluminum is widely used in industry and life, and is increasingly favored by customers.


Thanh nhôm định hình

Notes when choosing to buy aluminum profiles

– Quality aluminum
Aluminum profiles are made from pure aluminum with some other additives, so it should be noted when choosing to buy aluminum profiles made from aluminum ingots from scrap aluminum, aluminum scrap contains many impurities, aluminum will not be guaranteed. factors of quality and longevity. Aluminum will be brittle and cannot be bent and shaped. This aluminum construction will be less durable and reduce the life of the product.

– Technology of processing aluminum profiles
The processing technology of aluminum profiles also affects the quality of aluminum such as the quality of mechanical properties is not guaranteed, the quality of surface treatment is not good. Profiled aluminum must be uniform in color, high gloss.

– Load of aluminum
Before deciding to buy aluminum, the designer should calculate the load of the product to come up with the type of aluminum (aluminum ATV6-2020-01, ATV8-3030-01, ATV8-4040-01) and the thickness of the aluminum for suitable to avoid the case that the product does not have enough load to reduce the life of the product.

– Prestigious aluminum profile supplier

In the market, there are many suppliers of aluminum profiles, but you must choose a good supplier of aluminum profiles, store aluminum profiles optimally, avoid cases of aluminum being warped, chipped, scratched, etc. reduce the aesthetics of aluminum profile
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