Profiled aluminum assembly accessories

aluminium extrusion

Aluminum profiles are essential when using aluminum profiles as an application. The biggest advantage of aluminum profiles is that the assembly does not need a welding machine, but only requires connecting accessories. In this article, let’s find out the Top most used aluminum profiled accessories.

Profiled aluminum corner keg

Aluminum angle kegs are often used when assembling 2 aluminum bars together and forming a 90 degree angle, aluminum angle kegs have many types, below are the most common types:

Normal angle kePhụ kiện lắp ghép nhôm định hình

Bearing angle kePhụ kiện lắp ghép nhôm định hình - 2

ke sink anglePhụ kiện lắp ghép nhôm định hình - 3

Countersunk angle brackets are usually installed into the aluminum interstitial joints and ensure high aesthetics, but the load capacity is not equal to the normal angle keels and the bearing angle kegs.

Anti-rotation glue

In the process of joining the aluminum bars together, to ensure that the aluminum bars are fixed and not rotated, the anti-rotation keg will solve that problem.Ke chống xoay


Phụ kiện lắp ghép nhôm định hình - 4

An indispensable accessory when assembling aluminum profiles with angle kegs is bolts, using bolts you will not need to use welds and can be flexibly disassembled.

Adjustable leg

Adjustable feet are often used in applications such as operating tables, conveyor belts with aluminum profiles to conveniently adjust the height of the application to suit the needs of the user.Phụ kiện lắp ghép nhôm định hình - 5

Profiled aluminum hinge

If you need to assemble aluminum profiles with a door, aluminum profile hinges are indispensable. Hinges help you to help the door and aluminum bar create an angle from 0 – 180 degrees

Phụ kiện lắp ghép nhôm định hình - 6


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