Production process of aluminum profiles

To create products, aluminum profiles need to go through a strict production process with pure aluminum products. Anttek Vietnam will show the aluminum profile manufacturing process in the article below

Quy trình sản xuất nhôm định hình

Production process of aluminum profiles

1. Imported materials can be in the form of raw aluminum ingots, also known as aluminum ingots
2. These aluminum ingots will be checked for the composition of substances contained in the billet
3. Raw material casting process:

The first is the ingot casting process, the pure aluminum product is put into a melting furnace at a temperature of 660 degrees Celsius and to the boiling point, then the alloying process takes place and this process will determine the type of cast aluminum. Which aluminum product is aluminum, the molten aluminum alloy product is poured into the mold to form a billet and this process will produce different diameter products as required, the billet after casting is homogenous to create uniformity. of the alloy and stabilize the structure then it is cut into standard segments and billet as billet.

4. Aluminum billet after having been analyzed for metal components in the billet. If it meets the requirements, it will be cut into small pieces similar to the size of the finished aluminum bar, then transferred to the heating furnace and then into the aluminum extrusion machine to produce the aluminum bar shaped according to the mold. design.

5. After coming out of the pressing furnace, the aluminum bar will be put into hardness treatment at the autoclave, where the aluminum bars will be treated for hardness and bearing capacity to meet industry standards.

6. After the hardness is guaranteed, the aluminum bar will be tested for physical requirements. If the physical requirements are met, they will be transferred to the aluminum processing workshop for surface treatment.

Quy trình sản xuất nhôm định hình

7. Surface treatment
+ High quality aluminum profile extrusion workshop
+ The anode workshop treats and decorates the surface of aluminum bars by anodizing method.
+ Powder coating and film coating workshop, processing and decorating the surface of aluminum bars by electrostatic painting and film coating methods.
– Composition analyzer of the product
– Product inlet and outlet defect tester
– Metallurgical analysis machine, CNC controlled mold processing machine, analytical room for anodized chemical tank and pretreatment
– Tensile strength tester, tensile test machine, Surface hardness tester, Surface coating thickness tester, Discoloration tester

Raw materials for extrusion – Billet is 100% imported from Australia, Malaysia, Thailand and some advanced industrial countries, Billet is modified with Bo and Ti, and homogenized, and is tested through defect testing machines. defects before extrusion, ensuring the creation of high quality aluminum profiles to meet projects with high quality requirements.

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