What is round aluminum profile? The advantages of round aluminum

Profiled aluminum is currently temporarily divided into round aluminum and square aluminum, based on the name as well as with the naked eye, customers can distinguish these two types of Aluminum. However, to understand more deeply about the features and applications of the product, please follow the following information. So what is Round Shaped Aluminum? Here are the advantages of round aluminum

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The concept of round aluminum profiles

Round shaped aluminum, also known as round aluminum, is a product that is a combination of aluminum sheet and aluminum coil with many different widths, lengths and thicknesses. Round aluminum profiles are often used in the household industry as well as in the production of electronic components.

Specifications of round profile aluminum

– D28 round aluminum: Thickness ranges from 1 cup to 2 cups (1mm – 2mm). The diameter of round aluminum is: 200, 220, 300, 320, 440, 460, …. machined depending on the needs of the customer.

– Round aluminum D43: Thickness ranges from 1 cup to 6 cups (1mm – 6mm). The diameter of round aluminum is: 340, 440, 460 mm, ….machined according to the needs of customers.

Advantages of round aluminum profiles

Round profile aluminum converges all the advantages of aluminum alloy such as:

– Very durable

– Excellent resistance to corrosion and rust

– Soft, light, easy to cut and bend

– Good heat resistance and flexibility, so products made from round aluminum usually do not crack during use.

– Water proof.

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Applications of aluminum round profiles

Round or square aluminum profiles have outstanding advantages of aluminum alloys, depending on the field as well as the needs of use, you will choose the most suitable product. Round-shaped aluminum used in the household field will create products such as trays, pots, pans, food trays, refrigerator trays….Application in electronics: creating components such as tiles. phone bezel, phone holder, and small components in product components.

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